Breaking the Silence

February 27th, 2006 by Rob Osborn

I do believe that it’s time for a new post. LaKinzo is sleeping soundly in her swing and her mom is resting upstairs after a long day. So i’m just hanging out here, and since i’ve got my computer back and set up the way i want it i’m just kicking back, reading some email, and doing a little surfing.

It’s been a long six weeks since i last wrote, and even longer since i wrote anything of any substantial value. In fairness to myself, i did write a very long post a few nights ago, but thought better of actually posting it. We were delving into some dark territory and it’s probably best to keep it hidden for the time being. There. Aren’t you dying to know what i was writing about? Too bad.

As i mentioned, i got my computer back a few days ago. I had to send it back to Apple for a few small repairs (Kimmy will give 13948 blog points to the first person who emails her the name of the singer i just referenced in this sentence). It’s good to have it back. The good part of the whole ordeal though, is that i got my basement recording studio finished while the computer was away. The name of the new studio is “The Coal Room.” Here’s a picture….

I’m using the studio to work on my recording project (i’m thinking of taking Elizabeth’s lead and calling it “the cd of doom”) and i’m still doing post production work on the Worldview Academy podcast–which all of you should be downloading and listening to on a regular basis. The most simple way to do it is to download iTunes and subscribe to the podcast through the iTunes music store. Or, you can go to the Worldview Academy podcast website and download them there.

There isn’t a lot more news from here. All three of us have been healthy so far this winter–which is an unexpected and wonderful blessing. Verity is growing like a wildflower and we don’t even realized how fast that is. Elizabeth and i looked through some short videos i took of her over the last few months and it’s hard to believe how much she’s changed until you see the contrast. Spot is still alive and kickin’–although the lump on his back is now about the size of a large orange–so he looks kinda like the missing evolutionary link between dogs and camels.

I spent one of my warm days in early Feb. raking the leaves in my front and back yards–which i didn’t do in the fall because i was preoccupied in late Sept. and early Oct. And then i spent another one this Satuday fixing the old white Honda that’s been broken down in the garage since July 22nd (you can read about that day in the blog archives). After sitting so long, all that was required to fix it was a $10 radiator hose and a 30 minutes of grease-time. Not bad i guess–of course, i think the battery is ruined from sitting so long and i need a new battery terminal because the corrosion ruined it. But, other than that, things should be shiny when i decide to put plates and insurance on it again and give Eliza back her car for the spring and summer.

Verity and i had a good day Sunday while Elizabeth got out of the house to work on her writing projects. While Verity was awake we watched Andrew Peterson’s “Behold the Lamb of God: The True Tall Tale of the Coming of Christ” concert DVD–twice. Then we watched Derek Webb’s concert DVD “How to Kill and Be Killed.” Both are awesome, but the Christmas show is definitly my favorite concert DVD of all time.

It’s been a long winter for us. I personally have been dealing with a few hard issues, including a very slow work season, the financial difficulties that accompany such a time, and some mild depression (hence the lack of blogging) that is a common condition in my family during the cold and cloudy winter months. I’m feeling it harder this year than most others–i have a hard time with big changes in my life and this has been a year of big changes (i think i’m getting older too–Eliabeth says she found gray hair on my head today). I wouldn’t trade them for the world through. I love being a dad (even if it only means changing a few diapers and buying formula twice a month at this point), and i love being a husband. My dream is a find a profession that would allow me to stay home full time and still provide for the family. That would be wonderful. I know that a lot of men like the opportunity to work outside of the house–but if Elizabeth and i had a job where we could work together every day i’d be a happy man. So—if anyone wants to record an album in my studio, i’d be more than happy to quote a price *grin*

As my new experience for the week i decided to try my hand at clay modeling today. I thought an Andrew Peterson bobblehead would be the perfect finishing touch for the decor in the coal room. Unfortunatly my only medium was plummers putty and my sad attempt came out looking mostly like Lord Voldemort with a long nose. I’ll have to work on that craft i guess. So, for now, i’ll have to use the only bobblehead i own at the moment–my 2001 collectible Justin Timberlake. *grin* At the very least perhaps it will remind me what kind of music not to make in the coal room.

With that bit of silliness, i’ll leave y’all in peace. It’s 8:35 and LaKinzo is signaling that she’d rather be in bed than watching me type—and what sort of dad would i be if i didn’t cave to her every whim?

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