Another Week With 34west

December 14th, 2006 by Rob Osborn

The manager has been telling me i’m overdue to write a post. So, here’s an update on the past week.

The Christmas show we played last Friday, the 1st of December, was a memorable one for a couple of reasons. After day of very strong wind there was quite a bit of concern that we might lose power during the show. The power had already gone out once or twice that day in Columbiana, and so we briefly talked about a contingency plan in cast it happened during the show. Thankfully, most of the power stayed on. However, in an instance of irony, the battery died in my Route 66 pedal, causing me to lose most of my guitar volume for the first half of the show. But other than that, the show went very well.

I spent Saturday cleaning up the studio after the furious project that was Opened Letters. I didn’t actually get much of the room cleaned–i spent most of the day sorting out the computer hard drives, and archiving all the data from the cd project and from other projects that i’d neglected to archive. I also edited and compiled a couple episodes of Radio Worldview.

Saturday night Elizabeth and i went on a date and went to Niles to eat. Afterwards we decided to skip a movie, and instead headed home and curled up on the couch to watch the Thursday night comedy we’d missed on Thursday.

I spent Sunday afternoon building a small pedalboard for the 34west gigs and modifying my Rt66 pedal with a battery kill-switch–which will hopefully prevent my batteries from draining so fast in the future.

On Monday i decided i was already tired of living in a freezing house. So, i decided that perhaps it was time to fire up the old boiler and see if we could afford to run it this winter. In the process of starting it up i discovered a leak in the water system which i was finally able to fix after a bit of an ordeal. After i fixed the leak i fired up the system, moved the thermostat into a warmer area of the house, and let the furnace run. I decided to let it run all night and check in the morning to see how much gas had been used.

On Tuesday we woke up to a house that wasn’t warm, but that wasn’t cold either. The furnace had warmed up the floors and taken the chill out of the air–including the rooms of the house we don’t normally heat, like the bathrooms and the office. However, after checking the gas meter i figured that in order to keep the house a constant 60 degrees it would cost me over $600 a month–if the temperature outside didn’t drop below 25 degrees. Thus, the experiment failed and we’re back to space heaters and cold bathrooms.

Tuesday afternoon was interesting. The brakes on our car have been squealing for a couple of weeks–an indication that the brake shoes need changed. On Tuesday the brakes finally started grinding on the rotors–so badly that i didn’t think i’d be able to drive the car down to Columbiana for the show. Our other car isn’t operational right now, so i stopped at Auto Zone and picked up a set of shoes on the way home from work, which was later than i’d hoped for. I pulled into the driveway at 4:30, knowing that i had to leave for Columbiana by 5:30 at the latest. After a bit more deliberation i decided to just change the shoes on the left side of the car–the one that was grinding. By some miracle, i was able to change the left brake pads in 30 minutes, and decided to change the right ones as well–which took another 13 minutes (this is a personal best time for me–i believe it’s almost fast enough to make money doing it). After a quick shower and after collecting all my stuff, i made it to Columbiana 15 minutes late and with grease-stained hands. But those brakes shure worked nice on the way down.

Our Tuesday night show went well except for a few minor complications. For some freak of a reason, neither my vocal mic or my guitar system worked when i got up to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the end of the show. So, i sang as loud as i could and was sad that most people couldn’t hear very well. That’s how things are sometimes though. One minute they work, and one minute they don’t.

Wednesday was a good show. My parents and Cynthia were able to to attend and i think they enjoyed themselves.

Thursday was a good night as well. I missed a few chords–mostly in the easier parts of the songs that i’ve gotten too comfortable with. The show went well overall.

Friday was the best show of the week, in my opinion. Jeff and Steve seemed very comfortable and seemed to be having a great time. The music went well and everyone seemed to be on top of their game.

Steve and Jeff were kind enough to invite Elizabeth and i to a booking on Saturday. It was at a small restaurant over near Wilmot (where we’ve played some of our Christmas shows). Elizabeth and i had a lot of fun and were glad for the chance to experience “34west on the road.” It was good spending some time with the guys in the van, just getting to know each other better.

And there it is. An entire week with 34west. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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