Music Review: Jeremy Casella’s “Recovery”

June 23rd, 2007 by Rob Osborn

I know it’s been a while since i’ve written, but i thought this would be a good time to introduce all of you to some new music. I’ve had this CD for about a month, and now that it’s had some time to settle in, i thought i’d give a quick review.

I purchased the pre-order of this album after reading Jeremy’s blog for several months through the process of creating it. Music always seems better to me (or at least more interesting) after i’ve had some glimpse into it’s creation. This record wasn’t a dissapointment.

Any of you that know me well have probably heard my soap box rants about how popular music is not much more than cookie-cutter songs written for the masses of stupid kids who don’t know what good music actually is. Harsh words, i know. The problem is, i’m getting tired of spending my money on music that sounds like a bunch of other music. I’m tired of songs with no imagination and no creativity–which is why i haven’t listened to music on the radio for months.

All that being said, Jeremy Casella’s ‘Recovery’ is the most original, creative and inspiring cd i’ve heard in years. This is one cd that i can honestly say i have never heard before. It doesn’t sound like anything or anyone else. And in this case that’s a very good thing. Jeremy produced this cd himself (with some help from some very talented Nashville-type people), and you can hear his creativity all over the music. Through a strange and very beautiful mix of acoustic instrumentation, orchestra elements, and electronica, Jeremy has created an album with tons of soul and, as i’ve said, almost unprecedented originality. If i sound like i’m raving, i am. This has become a desert island cd for me–a distinction i reserve for very few.

Lyricism and songwriting are big factors in the music that i like. Jeremy doesn’t disapoint here either. He’s crafted some great songs, with pointed, heartfelt lyrics that only add to the beauty of the music. He’s a very talented songwriter that deserves an audience much bigger than he has.

The bottom line is that this cd is simply 51 minutes of beautiful music–art that is worth being supported with our hard-earned money.

Great music is getting harder and harder to find, and anyone looking for it needs to go to Jeremy’s website and buy ‘Recovery.’  If you like to ‘try before you buy,” head to Jeremy’s myspace page, where you can listen to four songs from the record. Do that, and it won’t take long to hear what i’m so excited about!

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